Dog Carts – Help Your Handicapped Pet Move

Dog carts are to pets what wheelchairs are to humans. Just as humans use wheelchairs when they grow older and are unable to use their limbs to walk due to weakened muscles, dog carts help older dogs with weakened limbs regain mobility and help them lead a healthy and happy life.

Earlier these carts where difficult to come across and could not be bought off the shelf. They usually had to be custom made according the size and weight of your dog. However, nowadays, dog carts can be purchased online. All you need to do is give one measurement that will decide the size of the wheel required for your dog cart. The height, width and length of the frame are adjustable to suit the breed of dog you have – you can make it smaller for a daschund and taller for a German shepherd.

In principle, these dog carts work in the same manner as a horse cart of yester years. They have a set of wheels at the rear and a yoke or harness that is fitted and fastened under the dog’s neck. When the dog moves its front legs, the wheels roll forward and provide the required support and momentum that help the animal pull or drag his hind legs forward. This means that your dog can move around freely when he is in the cart. He can walk around and explore your garden, go for his daily walk to get exercise and most significantly can do his ‘business’ with more dignity. If you have doubts about whether it can help your dog and whether your dog would adapt quickly to using it, take heart. This device has helped millions of dogs regain a more normal life by offering them mobility. Some dogs even learn to use it well enough to be able to swim! In addition, if it does not work for some reason, you can return it as most sellers have a return and refund policy within a specified time.

Therefore, whether your dog is suffering from severe fractures, old age related diseases such as Hip Dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, spinal wear and tear, or neurological disorders these carts can help him move about. Dog carts also help dogs who are in postoperative recovery regain use of their limbs faster. They are a blessing as they can help your pet lead a relatively happy, healthy and independent life and save you the difficult decision of having to put them down rather than seeing them suffer.

All You Need to Know About Exotic Pets

Pets claim a significant part in our lives. From the ancient times, we have tamed and used their capabilities for the benefit of our lifestyle. However, with time, we have come to love pets and they gained a place in our family. From taming elephants, wolves, horses; we have come a long way and now our taste lies in keeping dogs, cats, fish, and birds in our home.

However, some people do not feel satisfied with these common animals. Their search for an uncommon pet leads them to exotic pet criteria. The right exotic pet, which suits your lifestyle, personality and habits, can be a great reward. However, understanding which one would be right for you can be confusing and challenging.

What Is An Exotic Pet?

An exotic pet is an uncommon animal, which is kept in home. However, it could be possible that the particular pet you are taking in your home has never been tamed or petted. A few examples are-

· Amphibians

· Rodents

· Reptile

You need to remember that there are many variations of a particular life form in our world. Therefore, the animal species which you encounter everyday in your garden could have a distant cousin, considered to be an exotic species. For example, many snake species are common such as- Deaf adder, Bolivian anaconda, Black rat snake, Sand boa etc.

However, species such as- Kenyan Sand Boa, Blood Python, Corn Snake, King snake etc are considered to be exotic. With the increasing demand of people to buy and pet different types of exotic animal, veterinary insurance carriers and online retailers are finding best ways to bring these beautiful animals to your hands.

However, some exotic species are considered to be rare and endangered. Therefore, organizations like- CITES maintain strict protocol in transferring these animals. Some rare animals even influence the eco-logical structure of our world. Taking them away from their natural habitat cannot only be harmful to them but to you too.

Legal Regulations

State and country government is firmly controlling the transference of exotic animals beyond borders. Ecologists are initiating surveys to find out which animal species is important to be left alone in their natural habitat. If you have bought one of these animals, then you are bound by the law to return them to proper authority. Otherwise, legal actions can be taken against you and you will be penalized.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know these regulations before buying or bringing one of these beautiful creatures at home. You can find he laws online or can visit the state wildlife preservation office to learn more about this issue.

Health Care Issues

Before taking an exotic animal home, you need to know all about its natural habitat, food choices, and health conditions. Some of these animals may require special type of environment inside your home to live in healthy condition. These types of alterations can and will carve out a big chunk of money from your financial reserve. So, if you can’t afford to go through these requirements, it is better for you not to bring them home. Plus, you need to consult veterinary experts about the medicines, and supplementary foods to offer your lovely exotic pet a healthy and happy life.

Sexy New Pink Pet Tags For Small Dogs Or Cats – Safety Danglers


The number of dogs that are being killed on UK roads is increasing each year as a result of car accidents. Dog owners could be responsible for costs and even liable to criminal charges. If that’s not adding to the stress of the incident, you as the owner of the dog could also be liable for all rectification costs and possibly be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act.

The Road Traffic Act classes a dog as an animal that is not free to roam, unlike sheep and cattle. Therefore, the dog owner will be responsible for the dog’s actions on the public highway. If it can be proved in court that the accident was due to the dog being on the road, the dog owner will be liable for the costs which can sometimes be thousands of pounds.

This is what happened to June Lillis, when her dog Sebastian, was hit and killed by a car. She suffered the agony of losing her dog and the stress of the financial burden of paying for the damage to the driver’s car. She explained:

“At first the driver was only concerned for Sebastian, and he helped my eldest son take him into our house. But a couple of weeks after the accident, we received a letter from his insurers advising us that we were at fault for the accident, and therefore the damage to the car. Luckily, the damage only cost £70 to repair, but we were shocked to learn we were responsible. The crash happened at night, and the driver said he never saw the dog, but we chalked it up to a tragic accident. When my husband rang the man’s insurers, they advised him that we would have to go to court to prove we were not at fault.”

Campaigners for road safety are advising cyclists and pedestrians to wear clothing that is highly visible, especially at night and during winter. Dogs are often walked off their leads or they escape from their owners properties. They can seem to appear from nowhere and often when it is too late to take avoiding action.

Gloweasy supply Pet Reflective Danglers to help prevent these avoidable accidents.

All of our Reflective Danglers are made from a high visibility reflective prismatic PVC.

The Gloweasy Dangler’s are made by sandwiching a foam centre with flexible reflective materials both sides, this produces a product that is soft, pliable and very tactile. The type of attachment varies, but they are extremely effective hanging from your Dog’s collar for safety.

The disc is 2 inches (50mm) in diameter and has a high visibility paw design on both sides. Also reflective on both sides with a strong dog clip connector. When in place they hang approx 90mm (3.5″) and they clip quickly to virtually any collar or lead and are just as easily removed when the pet is indoors. Being double sided, their highly reflective surfaces can be illuminated from many directions. They are even more effective when worn in a cluster of two or more.

Other applications see them working very well as luggage tags or bag tags, so attached to a child’s school bag will also safeguard them at night.

Pet Owner’s List Regarding Choosing The Ideal Vet Clinic For Your Furry Friend

People with pets lead healthier lifestyles, live longer and feel happier compared to people who don’t have animals to care for in their homes, countless studies have shown. So while it seems that you’re the one caring for your pets by giving them food, shelter, healthcare and attention, the truth is that they actually may be providing you more priceless favours aside from the affection and appreciation they show you every day.

As a pet owner, it’s your top priority to find the best veterinary clinic that will provide your furry friends top-notch health care and wellness protection. Just like when you’re looking for a clinic or hospital for you and your human family members, the health services facility you select should be able to focus not only on the physical well-being of your animal family members, but also on their emotional and psychological development, too. The best vets, pet owners say, are the ones that have the training, the facilities and the staff to make your pet not only healthier, but happier, too.

When looking for a veterinary clinic, it’s a good start to check out the experience and training of the professionals who will personally care for your pets. Their educational and professional background can determine whether they are knowledgeable and up-to-date with the most highly recommended methods of health and healing for your furry friends. Meanwhile, the years of experience of caring and relating with pets and pet owners will enable the staff to ensure that your furry pals will enjoy a compassionate and comfortable space for nurturing and seeking medical attention.

The best vets have different approaches and styles when it comes to providing care, from the gentle and soothing to the authoritative and precise. Ask about the veterinary clinic’s healing philosophies to see if it matches your own principles and your pets’ personalities. Of course, the most recommended veterinarians and veterinary clinic staff would be people who have the ability and intuition to adapt their approach according to the needs and condition of each animal.

Paying the facilities a visit when choosing a veterinary clinic, professional Vets say, will help you check out the overall mood and vibe of the environment. Consider the features and location of the clinic. Study practical considerations such as ample parking and easy accessibility to and from your place. Get a feel of the overall ambiance (is it located in a natural or park-like setting or in a more sterile, hospital-like interior?). Both small and big details can have a huge impact on your pets’ experience every visit.

Caring for the health and healing of any living thing can be one of the most challenging-and most rewarding-experiences for a person. Put your pet in the hands of highly competent and compassionate professionals by choosing the right veterinary clinic today.